Osborne Photography





Osborne: A masterful photographic artist seamlessly blending historical techniques from the 1850s with cutting-edge digital methods. With a signature touch of platinum, palladium, and 24-karat gold processes, Ken crafts bespoke pieces that are both timeless and contemporary. Experience the artistry that bridges epochs.


Photographic Techniques

Film Photography

Embracing the authenticity of analog, Osborne captures moments using traditional film rolls. This technique adds a timeless texture and warmth to photos, celebrating the magic of classic photography.

Large Format Photography

For the ultimate in precision and detail, Osborne utilizes large format cameras. These allow for exceptional image clarity and a level of compositional control that's unmatched. Ideal for capturing grand scenes and intricate details.

Printing Techniques

Platinum/Palladium Printing

A revered 19th-century method celebrated for its expansive tonal range, enduring stability, and singular aesthetic.

24 Karat Gold Leaf

Merging Platinum/Palladium, 24 Karat Gold Leaf, and Calf Skin Vellum, Ken crafts lavish prints that promise a luxurious visual journey.

Acrylic Photo Prints

Famed for their sharpness, depth, and vibrancy, Ken employs these for exquisite art displays, corporate installations, and home decor.

Silver Gelatin Printing

This timeless black and white method is esteemed for producing detailed, top-quality prints that stand the test of time.

Metal Prints

Characterized by vivid colors and sharp detail, Ken's metal prints offer a modern and captivating visual appeal.